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Buying a Water Softener is Better than Renting One. Here’s Why. It’s never easy to live with hard water. It crusts up your faucets and fixtures, smears your delicate surfaces, clogs your pipes, damages your water-using appliances, among other things. But how do you get rid of this sneaky, unwanted culprit? If you ask around […]

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Chlorine in Drinking Water: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Chlorine is by far the most commonly used water disinfectant worldwide. Today, about 98% of U.S. municipalities use some chlorine-related process to treat their drinking water, thanks to the chemical’s wide-scale availability, low cost, ease of use, and proficiency at destroying germs. When chlorine […]

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Under-Sink Water Filters: Are They a Good Investment? If you’re looking for a reliable water treatment system that filters all the water coming through your faucet, then an under-sink water filter may be a good investment. As their name suggests, under-sink water filters (a.k.a., under-counter filters) can fit under your kitchen sink – entirely out […]

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