How Water Gets To Your Home

We use it every day and trust that it will always be there for us, but have you ever considered how water gets from the original source to your faucets? A whopping 73% of the earth’s surface is water, so why are we encouraged to not waste water? SpringWell is here to answer all of your big questions about the origins of our water and how it ultimately gets to your home.

Where It All Starts

While it may seem that our water supply is unlimited, only 2.5% is drinkable (also known as potable). And while potable water miraculously pours from our faucets, it goes through an elaborate process to get there. All potable water comes from two sources: surface water and groundwater. Surface water originates from non-saline water sources such as lakes, ponds, and streams. Groundwater is found deep underground in veins known as aquifers; to make use of groundwater, water utility facilities must drill to the aquifer and pump the water before moving it along to the next step.

The Process

Whether your water comes from the surface or the ground, it all goes through the same process once it’s pumped to a storage basin:

  • The water is analyzed for safety. If there are any contaminants found, the water will not move on to the next step.
  • Once it’s been determined that the water supply is safe, it is treated for impurities.
  • After treatment, the water is filtered multiple times to ensure that it is pure.
  • Finally, the water is stored in a reservoir; from there, it will eventually be pumped through the water mains and into your home.

Here’s the thing: While potable water may be safe, it’s not necessarily healthy. Fluoride, for example, is added to over 66% of our water supply and chlorine is added to 98% of our water. Additionally, even after filtration, water naturally contains harsh minerals that can damage hair, skin, plumbing, and appliances that use water (such as dishwashers and ice makers). Possible solutions include water filtration systems and water softeners. If you’re interested in learning how SpringWell can help you keep your water not only safe, but healthy and harmless, as well, contact us today. Regardless of where you get your water, we guarantee that we can make it better.