Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water

3 Harmful Effects of High Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water

3 Harmful Effects of High Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water Think about a glass of ordinary tap water – cool and refreshing. It looks so pure and healthy, but the truth is: it probably contains a high level of haloacetic acids and other harmful contaminants. By definition, haloacetic acids are “chemical compounds that contain chlorine…

Lead in Drinking Water

How to Remove Lead from Your Drinking Water

A “pattern of widespread contamination of drinking water” at schools across the U.S. has prompted state and federal officials to take stronger measures to address the problem. According to a Mar. 21 story released by CBS News, a new report found that most states are failing to protect their kids from water contaminated with lead.…

clean water shower softener

Explained: The Difference Between Salt-Based and Salt-Free Water Softeners

If you notice stains, watermarks and filmy residue on your sinks and bathtubs, you might have a problem with hard water. Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium and can cause problems in any household. Luckily, there’s a great way to tackle this issue: purchasing and installing a water softener…

clean water kdf media

KDF Process Media and Why It’s Important for Whole House Water Filters

Today, you’ll probably notice that most water treatment technologies have limitations – despite how good they are. They cost a fortune, they don’t last long and are often difficult to maintain. Not to mention their inability to combat certain disease-causing microorganisms.   If you truly want to protect your water from dangerous contaminants and pathogens,…