Whether you shower to wash off the grime at the end of a long day or to help you wake up in the morning before you start your day, the time you spend under the shower head could be doing more harm than good. How can being clean be a bad thing? When it damages your skin and hair.

Turn Down the Temp

The idea that being doused in water can lead to dehydration may seem counterintuitive, but as it turns out, the hotter the water temperature, the more drying your shower can be for your skin and nails. If you like a scalding hot shower, lower the temperature to prevent the excessive dryness that extreme heat can create.

Shorter Is Better

If your showers are a marathon, it’s time to consider switching to a sprint. Another way you can avoid having dry skin is to limit your showers to a few minutes. The longer you stand under the water spray, the more your skin and hair are exposed to the moisture-stripping effects of hot, chemically treated water.

A Whole-Body Scrub Isn’t Necessary

If you’ve been exercising or engaging in activities that make your entire body filthy, then by all means, scrub down completely. Most people, though, can get by with a gentle rinse and some close attention to the underarms and groin areas while they’re in the shower. Before you attack your body with a loofah, washcloth, or a simple bar of soap, consider which body parts are genuinely dirty and limit your scrubbing to them.

Those Products Aren’t Helping

Soap and shampoo are made to strip your skin and hair of their natural oils. Combined with the chemicals found in regular household water, these products can lead to excessively dry skin and brittle hair. When you’re shopping for bath products, look for those with predominantly natural ingredients as well as moisturizers.

Another way you can protect your skin and hair when you bathe is by investing in a SpringWell Whole-House Water Filtration System. Our system does not require toxic chemicals or electricity and will provide your family with cleaner, healthier, and non-drying water from every single tap in your home. Contact us today for more information.