IMPORTANT! Before installation or hiring a plumber, you MUST soak the media for 48 hours and flush the tanks. Failure to do so may result in carbon entering your plumbing and fixtures.

How to Soak Your Media Before Installation!

It’s extremely important to pre-soak your media for a minimum of 2 days before installing your whole house filtration system or water softener.  Make sure your system is set on a level surface in an area where it can get wet around the tank.

Installing the Head on the CF (Carbon Filter) Tank

Step 1. Unscrew the cap on top of the carbon filter tank.

Step 2. Discard the cap as it is no longer required.

Step 3. Locate the tank head and remove the shipping label.

Step 4. Align the opening on the bottom of the tank head with the pipe inside the tank.

Step 5. Press the tank head down to allow the threads to catch.

Step 6. Turn the tank head clockwise until it is fully tightened.  Hand tight is OK.

IMPORTANT! The carbon media inside the filter system MUST soak in water for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation

Carbon Soak Instructions (48 Hours Prior)

Step 7. Insert the bypass valve onto the top of the tank.

Step 8. Fully tighten the fasteners on both valve connections securing the bypass valve.

Step 9. Attach and tighten a MNPT Fitting onto the connections on each of the bypass valves.

Step 10. Use the hose bib to attach the lawn hose to the inlet on the first tank. Ensure the bypass is off to allow water to flow through the tank.

Step 11. Turn on the water to the hose halfway until water exits the tank.  Turn off the water and disconnect the hose and hose bib.

Step 12. Switch the tank to bypass and store for 48 hours.  This is extremely important.

Carbon Flush Instructions (After 48 Hour Soak)

Step 13. Switch off the bypass on the tank.  Note: Some water may be released from the 48-hour pre-soak.

Step 14. Attach the hose bib assembly onto the inlet port on the tank.

Step 15. Connect the hose to the hose bib assembly.

Step 16. Run water through the tank for 15 minutes or until the water runs clear.Step 17.  Switch the hose and hose bib to the outlet side now and flush the water in the opposite direction for the same amount of time.

Now you can move forward with scheduling a plumber or installing the system yourself.

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or jump on our live chat.  We’re always here to help.