At SpringWell, we know how lucky we are to be part of a business we believe in and to have such committed team members and loyal customers. We agree, though, that gratitude alone isn’t enough, which is why we donate a percentage of each whole-house water filtration system and water softener to charity. The one we’d like to highlight today holds a special place in our hearts: Feeding America.

You may remember seeing television commercials for the Christian Children’s Fund, depicting starved children in Africa with distended bellies and flies around their faces. As powerful as those images were (and continue to be), hunger actually hits much closer to home than Africa. In fact, according to the Feeding America website, over 40 million Americans go hungry each day. The face of hunger in America is vast, as people of all races, belief systems, and geographic locations are affected. From school-aged children and the elderly to those in urban communities to rural Americans, people rely on organizations like Feeding America to keep their bellies full of food and their hearts full of hope.

How Feeding America Works

Feeding America began in the 1960s with a single food bank in Phoenix, Arizona. What began as a grassroots effort expanded nationwide until it officially became known as Feeding America in 2008. Unlike other food banks, Feeding America does not solely rely on donations, instead participating in “food rescue.” Food from farms, restaurants, and grocery stores that would otherwise be thrown out is rescued before it can go bad then is distributed at one of Feeding America’s 200 food banks.

Why It Matters

The SpringWell team is a motley crew, but we have one thing in common: Each and every day, we realize how fortunate we are to be able to care for our families. We’ve all seen some aspect of hunger, whether from serving food to a mother and her daughters at a soup kitchen or hearing from one of our own kids about the classmate who never brings lunch to school. Feeding America gives us a way to give back and we are proud to partner with such an outstanding organization.